Shan-shan Sun
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"The Chinese pianist Shan-Shan Sun plays Kapustin with a superb touch, combining a singing tone with fluidity."
-Classica Magazine, France

Shan-shan Sun's performance is featured as one of the Pytheas Center for Contemporary Music's New Music Videos.

This was a big, expansive reading of a gorgeous score. Sun’s intensity in particular brought to mind Alicia De Larrocha’s visionary Mozart interpretations"
-The Miami Herald, USA

"Beethoven and Lenin" Shan-shan Sun solo recital May 5th, Vaxjo, Sweden

"If I keep listening to Beethoven's Appassionata, I won't be able to finish the revolution."
-Vladimir I. Lenin
Shan-shan Sun

Shan-shan Sun's latest recording receives rave review in France
"One admires the immediate passion of the soloists, their perfect complementarily. They have a sense of contrasts and a flawless technique, all while avoiding any brutality. The playing is full of determination, assurance and a confident panache. Few interpreters has been able to show the nervous tension in this piece (Rachmaninoff) with such subtleness." -Classica magazine, France
"...Again, the Duo works wonders and makes this music a fascinating listen..." -ResMusica, France
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